ARCH-Ohio Photography

Competition 2011



To raise awareness about rural poverty and homelessness in Appalachian Ohio, ARCH-Ohio (Appalachian Rural Coalition for the Homeless in Ohio)  hosted its 1st Annual Photography Competition, with categories for Amateurs and Professionals. We sought photographs exploring the theme of “Hope. Beauty. Pride.

Below are the winning photographs for the Amateur and Professional divisions with the artist’s explanation of the photo’s relation to the theme.  Entries from the 2011 ARCH-Ohio Photography Competition are currently on display at Donkey Coffee and Espresso in downtown Athens, OH.  The exhibit will soon be traveling to Waverly, OH at the Garnet Wilson Library on Market Street and then at the Adams County Library next!

Details and entry packets for the 2012 ARCH-Ohio Photography Competition will be coming soon!

Amateur Division 1st Place Prize

Sun & Cornfield Meet by Sarah Wamsley

Sun & Cornfield Meet

“The delicate beauty of this photo infuses me with a sense of peace and reminds me that there is beauty all around us in mundane things.  I have a deep appreciation for this fostered by a childhood lived in rural Appalachia”

– Sarah Wamsley

Professional Division 1st Place Prize

Ford-asaurus Wrecks by Pam DeCamp

Ford-asaurus Wrecks

“The ancient ruins of days gone by signify the beauty of what life once was and can be.  People take pride in their heritage and culture.  There is always hope for a better tomorrow – as it is a new day with new opportunities.  These ‘dinosaurs’ have become part of our landscape and culture.”

– Pam DeCamp

Congratulations to Sarah and Pam! 

Thank you to all our participants for showcasing the Hope, Beauty and Pride surrounding us in these Appalachian hills.

A special thanks goes to our 2011 Photography Competition Business Sponsors whose contributions made the competition and traveling exhibit possible!


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